Toyota corolla 2018 XSE Leakage through driver's side window into frame


I am having an issue with my new Toyota corolla 2018 XSE car which i bought in NS, Canada. I have observed patches of water on the driver's side window when moving the window up and down after a rainfall. This is not the case with the other windows. The driver's side window also get jammed during snow seasons. I got that checked at the retailer and they actually confirmed that water was leaking through and they got the seal replaced. But the issue is still there. Water is still leaking. when i went back again to get that checked now they saying it's normal thing to get some patches of water like that. I got this issue since i bought my car new and i think it's a factory defect. Can anyone advise if they have observed similar issue, if it's normal and what i should do. I have driven a corolla for past 15 years and never experienced this issue.