TPMS MODULE 897A0-02011 Replacement

Hello i have a 2015 corolla and the tire light came up took it to the garage and they scan all the tire all of the sensor are good the TPS module 897A0-02011 Its bad i bought it now i need to know the location so i can do it myself and save some money Can anyone advice on the location?
Well i found it !! The module i bought its the anthena receiver its located in the defrost wall in the back seat passenger side . Easy installation did it myself took my car to the garrage and still there is no comunication to the TPMS module he told me its another module but didnt know the location or part number ‍♂️
The problem may not be any module. May be the one or more TPMS transmitter ID is not set up rightly. Take it to dealer to reprogram it.


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When you change a transmitter, you have to reinitialize the module , kind of presenting the new transmitter to it. I assume if you changed the module, you have to do the same procedure so the new module recognize your transmitters. I have no idea how it's done, though...