Trading Up Not Always Worth It

So I bought a 2015 Corolla LE Eco new back in June of 2015. It's the picture in my profile. I drove it until October 2019, putting about 120,000 miles on. Totally reliable, trouble free and a pleasure to own (inexpensive to run and inexpensive to maintain). I always wanted an Avalon and had the opportunity to get into a 2011 (loved the body style of the 2011/2012 with the reclining back seats).

Been driving this beautiful Avalon since then, but am really missing the Corolla. I keep considering a trade in for a new 2021 Corolla, but I am holding out to see if Toyota is going to do something more with the hybrid model.

Anyone driving a 2020 or a 2021 Corolla?
Anyone able to compare the 20/21 ride to a 2014 - 2018 model?