Used 2015 Corolla Mods

Just wondering what the going rates on used Corolla mods are. I've got a line on a Borla exhaust and a K&N Short Ram intake but I've been out of the mod scene for a while and have no idea what these go for. Any ideas on what you'd pay would be great!

Get an injen CAI instead. I had the Short Ram Intake and it basically just added some noise. I got the weapon r header and deleted the second CAT and resonator ( replaced with magnaflow 4 inch round muffler and joined to a J2 axle back muffler from ebay). Check my mods.
The K&N Typhoon CAI go for about $320, the Borla muffler is $350 and the Weapon R header should cost $450. And to finish off these mods you want the plug-in Pedal Commander which sells for $300. These are all new prices of course.
Thanks guys! I picked up the intake and exhaust this weekend!

One question though. Has anyone cleaned their cone filter? How often should I clean it?