Wax advice

Discussion in 'Toyota Corolla Maintenance' started by breadstick, Apr 4, 2018.

  1. breadstick

    breadstick New Member

    I just got my 14 corolla and I'm looking for a recommendation for a good one step wax product that lasts a decent while. I looked up Adam's and chemical guys and I know their stuff is great but it's also part of a multiple step process. I'd just like something to put on that'll keep my car looking pretty good for a while.
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  3. ToyBoy

    ToyBoy New Member

    I always use Nu-Finish.
  4. Izzy

    Izzy New Member

    I use Collinite 915 you can get it on Autogeek.net. This stuff makes my barecelona red shine and it last’s a long time
  5. beach bum

    beach bum New Member

    One step? I use meguiars in the red can or meguiars carnauba plus. I also use mothers cleaner wax. Mothers lasts longer, but is harder to get off. I've tried the so called exotic waxes like P21s, Pinnacle, and a few others. In my opinion they are dust magnets because they are full of oil, overpriced, and don't last as long. They sell because people believe that they must be good, look how much they cost.
  6. _scott_land

    _scott_land New Member

    I recommend doing ceramic coating, mines is fully ceramics. Don’t have to wax for a good 2-3 years
  7. beach bum

    beach bum New Member

    Never heard of it scott land. Tell me more. can it be used as a chip guard on the bottom of the car? Anyone know of a good chip guard that I can remove at trade in time?
  8. RobTheBob

    RobTheBob New Member

    I use 3D HD Speed All-in-one with my DA and a medium cutting pad, Chemical Guys Jet Seal once a year and P21 every 6 weeks. I use Meguiars Ultimate Spray Wax in between. I'm getting my car ceramic coated though. So the regiment will be different.
  9. RobTheBob

    RobTheBob New Member

    Just get a roll of cheap eBay paint protection film. You can find good deals on legit Suntek and 3M.
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  10. beach bum

    beach bum New Member

    Thanks Rob the Bob. Off to auto zone to get some before the New Mexico-Arizona trip. By the way P21 (and I'm sure it is no secret) is identical to S100 available at most Harley Davidson shops for half the cost of P21. I've used it great shine lasts a long time. It quit attracting dust after the first wash. Really pops if you clean first with S100 paint scrub since the S100 isn't a cleaner wax.

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