I wash the vehicle with clear water and micro fiber towels, dry with clean micro fiber towel and sometimes a spray on detailer. I wax about every six months with a carnauba past wax. I wash, dry and wax in the garage. I live in the desert and most of the time the vehicles are garaged kept. I do not use a buffer just elbow grease. I've done it this way for years and been satisfied doing it this way for years.

Now saying all this, over the weekend I tried "nu-finish" and Man that stuff was hard to get off and the shine was Less than sub par! After hand buffing for what seemed like hours I had to use a carnauba paste wax to get it off and get the shine to a great level.
I'll stick to using carnauba wax. Autozone refused to honor the nu-finish guarantee because I used too much out of the can and the nu-finish tech gave me the run around.

So as for Me, I can NOT recommend nu-finish polish.
I tried Nufinish once and it chalks and stained rubber trim worse than any thing I have ever used.

It is a cheap cleaner wax and has to be used like a polish wipe on and wipe off fast. Like most cleaner wax you have to tape off plastic and rubber or it will be stained.

I used to keep up with the latest detail products until I read a post on the detail forum where the guy was giving up. The guy posted a picture of his stash of expensive products and said he really could not tell much difference between the decent stuff and the insanely expensive stuff. LOL

There was another thread where a guy was going to a car show and spent days detailing his car with Zaino products using there elaborate system. At the car show he parked next to a car identical to his and noticed the other car had a deeper richer shine to the paint. He asked the man what brand of products he used and the man pulled out a tin of some Canuba paste wax he bought at Walmart. Boy that Zaino user was mad after all that money and work.
Took the used can back to my Autozone to a different manager (lady), told her how nice she looked and She gave me a refund. Ha! 90 % of the time I have found if you are nice to even the meanest people You can change their behavior!

Anyway, bought a can of El CheapOh carnauba paste wax and did the ole 4Runner and it looks Great!
I use Orpine wash and wax boat soap on my car. I also use Armada, a boat cleaner wax on my car. I've been using both those products since I got it 3yrs ago, last time I took my car in to toyota for maintenance, the service writer asked if I had painted the car since I had bought it.


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Nu Finish is all I ever use . Don`t let it dry too long and stay out of the sun when you use it. I`m careful not to get it on rubber and I sprayed some Plasti-Cote stripes on the sides of my 14 Corolla and I avoided those also . I`ve found it comes off easier than anything else I ever used. Nu-Finish is very highly rated by consumer mags . Works great for getting out any smudges you have on the paint too .