What Did You Do to Your Corolla Today?

I replaced the crappy Hankoook tires that came standard on my LE Eco with proper Continental TrueContact tires. It made a huge improvement in the ride quality, noise dampening and handling dynamics. Had I known it would have been so beneficial, I wouldn't have waited until I hit 40,000 miles on the original Hankook pieces of crap!
I found out recently I was way over do for a gear oil change. I just got it done myself about hour ago. I took the car for a rip around the block and the difference is very noticeable.
Window Tint is for gangsters, but then again how many gangsters do you see driving Toyotas?
I know this is an old post but I have to add my two cents.
Not only does tint look good on any vehicle, it will also protect your skin!
I have two kids to protect, so I guess I'm a "gangster" lol.
There is an increasing number of people developing skin cancer on their arms, head and back of neck, attributed to driving.
Also, tint will dramatically keep your car cooler inside. Even if you live in a cold climate area, the sun will heat up the interior. It will also bleach the color.
Protect your skin, your interior and look like a "gangster"!
2018_sema_super_street_corolla_01_d2b2b7e04d5c834a9948d9825f753eabe399aa21.jpg 20181030_182406.jpg 20181030_175622.jpg 20181030_182406.jpg I Don't know yet what do with my car. I just got it last Sunday so for now to early what to do. But enjoying every part of it. can't complain. The way I see it, it is so worth it. After 2 year of waiting and reviewing this car finally both another practical car. Had a Corolla 2003 Tacoma 2001 and Yaris HB 2008 and still have it (see above) and a Corolla 2014. Now this 2019 Corolla HB XSE. LOVE IT!!.... no matter what year or what type of car it will be, I will always l love a Toyota.
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Did some hands-free driving in my 2018 Corolla, all thanks to Comma.ai and the Comma Two. I would say the driving quality is on par with Telsa (I also added in a night vision camera to aid the computer-vision).
2018 here. Done alot in the last three months. Since im new here ill fill you all in. Complete audio replacement (anyone looking for a stereo head?) cold air intake, not a short ram. Ran it down below headlight. 8” cherry bomb exhaust. Megan lowering springs, TRD rear end sway bar, new wheels and tires. Currently on the look for headers. Anyone know what years will fit??