What insurance do you have?

Hi, I recently purchased a Black 2014 Toyota Corolla LE Plus. How much can I expect to pay to insure my vehicle? I live in Fort Lauderdale. I was wondering what is the cheapest company in Florida? I noticed that people online recommended GEICO for Florida drivers http://autovscarinsurance.com/cheap-car-insurance-fort-lauderdale-fl/. However, many people claim that they are not the best for claims. Do you guys have any experience using GEICO or State Farm? What company do you use? Any advice that you can give on what company I should select or what rates I should expect is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I have had state farm for the last 30 years on my car, house, boat, and condo. I filed two claims for vandalism, they paid right away, no argument, and my rates didn't increase. I'm very satisfied with them, but keep in mind almost every state has different rates and rules.
I have StateFarm like beach bum, but for a 20 year old with no accidents or tickets/violations, $205/mon is a bit pricey for my 16' Corolla LE.. thankfully it's $170/mon since I'm in tech school, but that will only last until this December lol

HOWEVER, StateFarm has been good to my mom for the past 15 years and they've been good to me since I picked them up back when I first driving an 06' Pontiac Vibe lol shop around and you'll find what works for your budget/needs.
I am with State Farm and am happy with them . My baby was stolen , found later with no damage but unfortunately this same car was totalled a few months later. They provided support and paid it right. I have a new baby Corolla now


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I've made claims with Geico with no problem on payouts. But last time they raised my rates quite a bit on a very minor fender bender. Then tried to insinuate it was a result of my driving for Uber, which I have not done in a long time. Didn't appreciate their non sense so switched to Progressive. Rates are good for the Corolla, and I did not even get the snapshot plugin thing, either.
Hey. Let's compare insurance prices. Personally, I use insurance from Traders Insurance and pay about 1200 for my Mercedes 2017. And this is the second year that I use their services, so the price is less than in the first year. By the way, does your insurance company reduce the price of insurance? If not, it's not the best insurance company. Moreover, does your company insure the life of the car owner? For example, my insurance company in the event of an accident will pay me compensation for treatment.
Hi, here you can find a life insurance underwriting assistant, which is a tool for finding the best available life insurance company for 30 + health conditions. This way you can compare prices and choose the best option for you. I have learned from experience that insurance is necessary. 5 years ago, because of my fault, an accident occurred and I crashed into a more expensive car than I had. I saved on insurance and my car was uninsured. So I spent a long time paying for repairs to my car and the one I crashed into. To avoid such accidents, I took full insurance and a blanket policy. Because I only worked for a few years to pay off the car repair debts.
Could you tell me some more information about it? Let’s talk in PM
You can buy insurance on many things, but you should know that some companies charge more for term life insurance than others. Insurance agents will offer you different policies, but if the price is the same, you should take the cheaper one because it's guaranteed. It would be best if you looked out for certain things when purchasing insurance, like, does the company provide you with a medical certificate, is there a maximum amount you can claim per year, and what is the refund policy like. Or if they have 750000 term life insurance rates.


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I have State Farm.
I have Aviva. But too pricey and trouble is that up here there is collusion I believe, not one dollar difference suppossedly due to Covid rebates I personally have not seen any rebates and hear the most you'll get is 10 % but only if you stop using your car basically. Sorry not a fan!
I have the most standard insurance for my car, as I don't see the point in overpaying. My friend likes to drive at high speeds around town, so he has the most expensive insurance that will cover all the damages in case of an accident. I also have a motorhome, so I buy extra Motor traders insurance for a good reason. Sometimes I use my motorhome to travel to other countries. It saves a lot of money on lodging. Thanks to this, I have enough money for a longer vacation.
When buying insurance for a car, companies do not look at the age of the owner, only if the owner of the car has any social benefits for the purchase of insurance. It seems to me that cheap insurance is very easy to find, but many insurance companies that provide such services turn out to be unreliable in the future. For this reason, many drivers do not receive proper insurance funds and then turn to a car accident lawyer to collect additional compensation from the culprit of the accident. It is best not to save on insurance, because the better the car is insured, the more reliable the company will take care of it and pay more money in case of breakdowns. I wish you good luck and success!