What's the Worst Car...

You've ever seen while driving or in a parking space?
My personal best worst car was a long time ago (the 70's) on a freeway in Columbus Ohio. My older brother and i were in his 64 Dodge Coronet convertible when a 75 Ford LTD came up beside us in the next lane. The driver looked like a twin to the sheriff in the movie Porky's, complete with a big fat cigar, the sideburns, kind of a crew cut, and probably had calluses on his gut from rubbing on the steering wheel. The paint job started out as Ford Blue (the darker hue), but due to either acid rain or lack of washing, it had turned to dark blue oatmeal. The shocks on the driver's side were completely gone, it looked like a boat making a permanent right turn, all sagging on the road. The engine, while running, was suffering from large gaps between each cylinder firing in order; sounded like a bass drum in a marching band after the drummer drank a bucket of NyQuil and kept falling asleep. Whenever the gap was over there was a boom out of the exhaust, so it sounded like a really rough rev up and then a pause, BOOM...but the driver never looked to the sides, only straight ahead as if he owned the situation wherever he was. We almost had to pull over and catch our breath on the shoulder from laughing so much. We wondered where he might be heading too, maybe an Elvis impersonator support group or a gathering of ultra confident LTD owners out in the woods somewhere who traded information about their cars-maybe he was the forerunner of Auto Forums online before there were computers!!


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The worst car I've driven have been a 2002 and 2016 Nissan Sentra. Horrible ride, non-existent handling, terrible cvt (2016)... I could go on for a while.
It's a toss up between the Juke and the Kia Kube. My daughter calls them toasters. It's like the car designers took the Volvo concept to the extreme.... which bags the question... Why? .. Like the Fiat mention. Fix It Again Tony.
I bought a new '74 Mustang II V-6. Absolute junk. I paid it of early so I could get the title. I needed the title so I could junk it because it wouldn't pass inspection due to all the rust. Never bought a ford again.