What’s your odometer mileage?

I bought a 2008 Corolla S on my 17th birthday last year and I’m happy with it. My car is at 191600 and has a few problems but nothing too too major. Anyway how much longer will this last? I’m also asking because I’m planning on buying another BMW (E30) and engine swapping it to a 1zzfe like in my corolla. Let me know on your thoughts with that. So what’s your odometer mileage and what can I expect this car to make it to????
305,000 on my 05 corolla. The odometer most likely will not go over the 299,999. This is a defect with the corolla, matrix and prius from 03 to 08.
247K on my 2006 Corolla CE , with plenty of personality

Im sure it can last many more miles , trying to hit 250k before emissions test , and it might just happen because state facilities aren’t going to be open til at least June 1st or later and they will give you another 30 days. So July 1st is a possibility

looking at a low mileage 08 Corolla

I still get my oil change at the Toyota dealer , I don’t let service writers get in my head.
Over 260k on my 2006 had it since it had 5 miles. Been rock solid except for this last year to now. Engine still runs excellent, it's just starting to get codes will have to work through.
306,000 on my 05 corolla. got a po43e code. Looks like the vacuum pump module. found the whole assy (complete charcoal assy for $180) at Lagrange Toyota.
2006 Corolla S 278878.. about to swap out the motor. Anyone have a link to a forum on advise to pull the motor? Trying to figure out if I can just take the motor out the top or if I need to take both the transmission and motor out together
I have 2005 Corolla CE. Odometer stopped at 299999 kms Spring of 2012. I was doing 45,000+ kms a year then. Now, it just travels 30K but estimate total travelled at almost 600K. I still reached 170k/hr easy. I have been using synthetic oil since it was new and changing oil every 3 months. I do my own maintenance and part changes.
325,000 miles now on my 05. Speedometer reset service off of Ebay at 299,999. Cost of $85 to reset to zero miles.
Original auto trans, water pump, front axles, ac compressor, fuel pump, etc. Always used cheapest 5w-30 conventional oil that can be found (walmart). Change every 4,000 mi with quality toyota/wix oil filter.
This Corolla IS NOT EVEN CLOSE to dying. Of course it needed the typical consumables, brakes, radiator, all fluid changes just like religion.