Where is keyless entry/alarm module on 2002 Corolla?


I cannot find the keyless-entry/alarm box (RS3000 or RS3200?) on my 2002 Corolla; I want to reset it to receive new remotes. There is a wire that disappears into the underside of the driver's seat but I don't fancy tearing the seat apart to find out what it is. Internet research has come up with nothing definite, where is the darn thing?

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It was never an option for my 2001. Not sure about the 2002. I suspect it was likely an aftermarker/3rd Party install... So it could be anywhere. When I bought my Rav4, it had an alarm (dealer never got the remote starter FOB from the previous owner.) I went to a local shop and got the new starter FOB and programmed the started. I think the 2 way FOB was around 80.00 dollars and the programming was 20.00-40.00 Forget now as that was a few years ago.