Where to buy these lights?

Hi Everyone!

Im new here.. anyway would just like to ask if anyone can help me out? I've been wanting to replace the rear back light of my 2009 Toyota Corolla to the euro spec back light. Currently, I have the white back light. I would like to change it with the red one. Does anyone know where I can buy one? I've been searching online for ages and I can't seem to find one that is for sale. I would really appreciate any recommendation. I have attached pictures for reference. Thank you



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online. but why? when you put it in reverse it will be red.
Some Euro spec cars have only one reverse light and the other side where the second reverse light would be is a rear foglight. I believe it's for safety and is mandated in some European countries just like how in North America, we need to have amber side reflectors. Here is a pic of Golfs with their rear foglight on: