Where to get the least expensive remote keys for a 2018?

I just recently scored a 2018 LE with really low miles that was uber-clean and perfect for me. It was a repo. and the only problem was it only had one regular key, not the remote keys, though the car has the keyless door and trunk locks. I know the dealer and locksmiths both sell them, but is there a less expensive way to get a couple of them? After owning keyless systems on all of my vehicles since 2002, sticking a key into a door to open it feels like the stone age to me. I'm hating it. Thanks!
U could get a replacement key from Amazon but still have to get the dealership or a Locksmith to program it. Make sure if you're buying it from eBay or Amazon that the key has the letter H at the base of the key.
I advise you to copy your key and reprogram a key fob from some other car. Any experienced locksmith can do this. The hardest thing you will encounter is finding a good locksmith. Nowadays, the country has a shortage of specialists in this field. All because people often underestimate the benefits of this profession. Much knowledge acquired during the courses can be helpful at work and in everyday life. All the more, it's not that hard to get a specialist certificate nowadays. I advise you to read this article https://www.howtobecomealocksmith.org/introduction-to-locksmithing/ to learn more about it. I also recently enrolled in a locksmith course and hope to get certified soon.