09 2ZR-FE engine swap?

Hey guys!

Im new here so Hi *waves*

Just wondering if anyone knows if i can swap my 2ZR-FE for a 1JZ or an equivilant? Im open to suggestions


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Well, a swapping a 1JZ into a Corolla would mean you'd have to convert it to rear wheel drive. That's a whole other task that you will have to face and decide if it is worth it or not. Plus, being that a 1JZ is an inline 6, the engine probably wouldn't fit in the engine bay without modifying the firewall. Don't get me wrong, this is all possible to do but it will take a lot of money, time, research, and skill.

If you are asking this because you want to build your Corolla to make more power, why not consider the following. You could turbo the 2ZR-FE with the turbokit from TKC.(https://turbokits.com/) Many people have forced induction on their 2ZR Corolla and the results are always good. The 2ZR is a good engine to add power to but depending on how much power you want, you'll have to pay for it. IF you do want to swap the engine, consider options such as the 2ZZ-GE which is from the 9th gen XRS or even a 2AZ-FE which is a direct swap from the 10th gen XRS. Both will be swappable without major modification.
Thanks. That gives me a lot to consider. I had a feeling that the 1JZ would require that as they are typically (from what i've seen) been in cars like the supra and other rear wheel cars like it. Id seen another post about the turbo kits and after looking into them thought it might be just as easy to do a swap and it might actually cost less. at least to start with. Im relatively new to the corollas so im still researching lol. I appreciate any and all info and feedback.


I Love Corolla's!
In terms of cost, the turbokit for the 2ZR would be the most cost effective option. Swapping in a whole other engine may seem the least expensive at the beginning but considering that everything will have to be custom done, the cost will slowly but surely increase. Again, I don't know what your goal is whether it be to get the most power or just a little power boost so look at your options depending on what you want to get out of your Corolla.
I have to agree with ZeCorolla, go with a Turbo Kit. Whatever you do don't get one from ebay, there's just no way you're going to get quality from a $600 full kit. Some of my friends at a dyno shop go by this rule of thumb 5psi you should see ~33% more power, 10psi ~66% more power and 15psi ~100% more power, injectors also play a role too. It depends on the engine but they usually aim for 4 - 8 psi with stock injectors.
I have the turbo kit from Turbokits.com and it's amazing. I'm running 8.6 psi on my tune and I'm between 225-230 HP from the stock 132 HP. it's worth every penny!