2015 corolla swap to fd2 type r spoiler

hey guys I'm just wondering if anyone knows if it matters what kind of fd2 type r spoiler I get there's a couple different ones on eBay but all look the same just some are cheaper I know you can get this spoiler on there because I've seen pictures and asked the person that did it .. If anyone has done this please post pictures or let me know ! Mines currently is stock I have a 2015 Corolla s and the picture is the one I seen with spoiler and the other is the one I want to buy if it's compatable .


Yeah no prob. I'm getting one for my car as soon as I get the money.
Oh okay yeah I love the way it looks with that type of spoiler . What kind of set up you got right now ? Anything modified? I already did a couple of things to mine nothing big tho haha