Can gear shift labels be illuminated in Corolla 2013?

Does anyone know if the gear shift labels can be illuminated in a Toyota Corolla 2013? I circle the labels in the image below:


Right now, mine don't illuminate at night. So I can't see what mode the car is in.
from what I can see there is a bulb to the left of the shifter. this link show how to take the console around the shifter apart. At 2:48 you can see what looks like a bulb on the left. the clear plastic sort wraps around to that point which to me looks like it carries the light from the bulb and illuminates the letters/numbers. I personally don't have an automatic and I could not find any other videos that specifically talk about the bulb, although I will admit I only did a quick search. Hope this helps
Wait until night time and try to shine a light under it and see if it shines through.
If it doesnt shine through, you can take out the old labels print some labels that will let light through.

Also, if there is no factory bulb in there, you can wire one in.


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They are illuminated in all of the automatic 10th gens from 09-13. You can get a new bulb at the Toyota dealer for like $3-$4 and the install is straight forward by following the links above. You just need to remember to swap the yellow plastic from the old bulb to the new one.