Check engine light comes on when going uphill

Hi. I just came back from a long road trip and there has been a slight issue with my '01 Corolla. Whenever I go uphill with low rpm (2nd gear and about 2k revs). Or try to accelerate in a slight incline in 1st, the check engine comes on and the engine vibrates, loses power and doesn't climb in the rpm range as fast as usual. I don't know much about in-depth car problems or what might have triggered this. Feels like it's misfiring. Should I take it to the dealership or is it something I can check myself or even change myself.
Thanks for any response :)


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the check engine light offers a symptom, not knowing it, you can go to a autozone get it read, report back and look up? Old school way in some cars were turning the key a few times will blink these codes.
yes check the OBDII and see what (if any) codes it threw. If it doesn't help pinpoint the issue, start by pulling your spark plugs. The way a spark plug looks can give you a good indication of what might be happening inside the combustion chamber. Also check the ignition coils. Wear and tear, age, over heating, vibration etc makes the coils misfire or not fire at all > which may completely drop a cylinder, making you lose a ton of power and acceleration. That also could be a cause of a check engine light turning on under load and then turning off shortly after. youtube how to check ignition coils and several vids will pop up. If it is one they're about $75 each w/ tax at a parts store.

don't forget the dielectric grease and anti-seize for the plugs and coils