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Hi guys!!

I have a Corolla 2008 LE with some mods.

New aggressive black grill.
TRD Emblem for the grill.
Brand new Tein Lowering springs with K&B struts. (2.5" front-2"Back)
Upgraded from 15" rims to 16".
Brand new rotors, ceramic pads, calipers, drums, shoes and hardware, front and rear hubs.
TRD swaybar and strut bar.
Added brand new fog lights
Deactivated the DRL (I hate'em so much)
Windows vent visors
Windows tint 20%

I think that's it for now LOL!! here some pics. I do everything myself =)


Can you take a direct picture of the front? I'm thinking of getting a grill like that.. but hesitant one how it'd look on my grey corolla...
And where'd you get yours from? =P