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  • MY 2001 Corolla will not start. Replaced starter motor, relay, and PNP safety switch. Still no crank or start.
    Any idea why not?
    Hey, do you think a 12th gen Corolla section can be made since they've hit the dealer lots now?
    Hi there... Is it a good idea to change the stock exhaust to my 2010 corolla a/t. I have a friend he change his exhaust in his corolla but its m/t.. it really sounds good when changing gear..

    Need an advice.. thanks
    Hi there!
    My name is Lauren, I have a 98 corolla with 215K miles. I love my car and I want it to pass 400K! Ive been doing the best i can to maintain it. Recently needed new spark plugs, and battery. The mechanic said the transmission was good too! What are some important things that I should check in order to make that possible?
    i drive corolla S 2005 1ZZFE engine,my engine light flash frequently and my oil pump is fine,oil fliter is good,oil switch is fine and it also supply oil when i open the top cylinder and i have replace the crankshaft and is still flashing the engine oil light and i dont know what to do again please
    Hello everybody, I am new in this forum. I have a question. I have a corolla 2002 I would like to know what engines fit my car but year over mine. Sorry for my English.
    Hey Scott, I'm new here. I have an 05 Corolla XRS w/the 2ZZ-GE VVTL-i 6 spd up for sale on eBay. I was wondering if it is ok to post this info with the auction link on this forum or if that's against the rules? If it is ok, please let me know the best way to do that to get the most exposure or if you have any other ideas. Thx, I appreciate any help you can be.
    Bought new Corolla LE in July, great car. We drive about 120 miles a week, max. We are both retired.

    With such low mileage, what is recommnded for oil changes? I have the paint protection package so i will be going in every five months for review. After the free oil changes up to 24K miles, what is recommended for oil changes?
    I have a 2006 Corolla S. The Trunk doesn't latch. You have to really slam it. That has caused the spoiler to come loose. Also, the dash lights are dark for the fans heat, etc. . Can you or someone help on quick fixes. Thanks. Marty
    i have a corolla does not start some times it fires some times its not. fuel injectors spray, feeling like lot of fuel on spark plugs. what could be reason.
    hello Scott, i have a question regarding the TRD muffler for my 2014 S plus. i finally got some play money and i was looking into buying it. Toyota has it for $500 at the dealer. is it any good?
    i have a brand new 2015 corolla with only 550 miles but over steep hills
    should i change the oil now. toyota recommneds 5000 miles for first change
    i was thinking 500, 1500, 3500, 7000, 10500, ...
    It is always a Pleasure, if we but heads we know its just a bad day we are having and never want to take things out. to much violence in this world. Peace FISH!
    Hi Mr. O'kashan, My son changed engine coolant thermostat sensor on his 98 Corolla. Now vehicle is overheating. All fluids are topped off, no leaks. I thought it might be an air pocket problem because he had the motor facing downward on a slight downgrade slope. Ran vehicle w/radiator cap off while parked vehicle on a slight upgrade. Still having issues. I leaning toward changing the thermostat.
    Dear Scott,
    I got your reply. Thanks for that. Is it easy to fix it? Needs to dismantle the gearbox or input shaft bearing is just at outside?
    Hey Scott- a few months ago you recommended that I go after Toyota for a busted catalytic converter warranty. Well, after several long months it worked out to my advantage and they sent me a check for $900. My mechanic had to write several letters to them, but luckily it went in my favor. Just wanted to say thanks for your ideas.
    i got a second opinion on the color of my transmission fluid and they said it looked good too. it might just be a little low. i'm going to top it off and see if that does anything. if not, i'll be contacting you about how to change out the fluid. thank you for the help and advise.
    What is better a short ram intake or cold i leave in florida and since they say it rains cold would be bad for my set. your thoughts. thanks
    You know of any place were i can get coilover for a 94 prizm/corolla 1.8 on a buget of under 400. if not something that will make car perform well. thnaks
    I did not have any luck finding the part via the link you provided. If you have anymore advice I 'd appreciate it.
    2003 Corolla LE

    HI Scott,

    Have you seen any info on removing clock and resoldering PWB on back of clock? How to remove clock?


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