Radio problem-2010 Corolla

Hello friends ! New to this forum but love my "Cory". A few weeks ago I started having major problems with my stock radio. I checked fuses, wires, new battery...nothing helped until I came across this YouTube video
.OMG!! who knew this was my problem! Inside the center console armrest storage area, there is a power outlet to charge phone, Garmin, etc. I had placed a jack in the outlet and left it there since I had such a hard time charging my cell. Well, wonder of wonders, this was my problem. I took it out, drove around for a few days and my radio works again ! Went out and bought a new charger ( specific to my phone ) and never leave it plugged in to my Cig lighter outlet. Ah , modern technology...can't live with it or without it. hope this helps everyone else. Happy travels!
I have seen this video before. Honestly on my 2013 I have a quad 12 volt adapter plugged into my 12 volt outlet and I installed a double USB in the blank spot above the outlet. Mind you the only thing I have plugged in all the time is the dash cam, I don't use the USB ports or the other sockets all the time. I have had no issue with the set up. I suppose if I had something plugged in to all 6 additional port, plus the factory USB and factory AUX I might have issues, however the quad adapter would likely blow the fuse in the socket first..