What did you do to your Corolla today?

Led lights in side, short ram under the hood with led lights and side and hood wraps. Also underglow lights.


Installed the OEM Corolla door seals and the rear bumper protector over the weekend. Got the door seals off ebay for $65 which I was pretty happy about since every site had them for $140 roughly. They look pretty nice when opening the door. I didn't bother with the illuminated ones because they looked like a pain to install and that's just 1 more thing to go wrong down the road.
New to the forum, just bought a 14 Corolla S a few days ago, its my first car and I love it, but already feel the itch to to stuff to it. I just ordered blue led interior lights and white led reverse lights. I have a 12 inch alpine sub I'm gonna hook up ASAP and I'm saving up for some door speakers and an amp. Any suggestions on good speakers for someone on a budget?


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I have done several few easy mods to the car lately and loving them, check them out.

- TRD Logo at the front (working on the back logo)
-Vent Visors

1218151557_resized.jpg deflectors2015.jpg mudguards2015_edited-1.jpg