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    So, when should I expect to have to do a brake job on my 2014?

    You might well have a lot of life in them yet since you do a lot of highway driving. Stick shifts tend to be easier on the brakes too. I've had Honda and Toyota vehicles go close to 200k miles on original brakes. As someone mentioned above, I had a Tercel where the rotors went bad before the...
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    Clunk noise when going over bumps?

    Sounds like a warranty issue for the dealer to take care of. Could possibly be a motor mount? Sometimes they can cause odd clunking sounds, and sounds are hard to localize. Anyway if it's consistent or you know how to reproduce it take it to the dealer and demonstrate it to the tech.
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    2015 toyota corolla L 4 speed transmission problem

    I don't see anything problematic. Seems normal to me. You're really gunning it hard, downshifts are going to be less smooth as a result. If you're concerned, I would suggest driving a little more conservatively. Or opting for a manual trans. But I don't think you have a problematic car..
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    Hey guys question i have a 2014 corolla s cvt transmission.

    Did the RPM's increase as you pressed the accelerator? If so, and the car didn't increase speed it sounds like the transmission is slipping. If not, then I would suspect a fuel system problem. Either way, I'd definitely get it checked out by a mechanic.
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    Maintenance RQD

    Oil change is not the issue, you aren't overdue and that wouldn't trigger the check engine light anyway. Take it to the dealer and get it diagnosed, don't throw away money on an unnecessary oil change. At your mileage, whatever is wrong is on Toyota's expense.
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    Maintenance RQD

    Easiest possible solution is to check to be sure your gas cap is tightly closed. If that is the problem it should clear the light in a short time. Other than that take it to the dealer, it's a warranty issue
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    2014 Corolla le

    That's a lot of unnecessary idling in very cold temps. No more than a minute should be needed even in the coldest temperatures. That's definitely playing a big part in hurting your mileage. That and cold temperatures and mostly city driving, your gas mileage sounds about right. Cut your idle...
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    Body Side Moldings

    They don't even install at widest part of the door. I saw a white one with them on on a parking lot this morning. Didn't look too bad, although I still don't care for them. And guess what, car had a nice big door ding about a foot or foot and a half above the molding, right st the seam on the...
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    Scale up volume buttons?

    Not familiar with that model trim, but i very much that would not be possible. A 0-10 scale doesn't give you much fine control - I'd rather have the 0-40 scale anyway
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    Body Side Moldings

    I personally think they look "80's". With the big variety of vehicles around, if abig truck or SUV dings you, the most likely scenario, it will likely hit above the mouldings. I've seen the mouldings on the corollla and they are small and then, not much protection. At least they are body...
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    Steering wheel vibrations at high speeds

    Really three possibilities - tires not balanced properly, one or more tires out of round, warped or bent wheel(s).
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    It is official, I've lost all faith in humanity...

    I would rather have a PDR repair than a new fender if it were me. Better to have factory paint all around. It may not be possible though as the dents are fairly large and there are creases built into the design of the panel which may interfere
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    It is official, I've lost all faith in humanity...

    Hard to say if they'll just get you a new panel and get it painted or repair the dents and repaint. On the OUTSIDE chance a PDR guy can do it, I'd at least look into it. My next choice would be a new panel rather than filling the dents. Just be sure new panel is OEM. They aren't all that...
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    It is official, I've lost all faith in humanity...

    Yeah, it definitely looks like the damage was inflicted by a foot or perhaps a fist or elbow. I think sometimes people get offended (I don't know why?) when people park their new car far away from the pack in an effort to keep it from getting dinged. I think in the mind of some people they...
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    2015 1.8 CVT build and destroy.....

    You may be right, unfortunately, but I don't agree with this philosophy. Makes me glad I have a relic manual transmission, that assumedly the manufacturer should know how to repair.