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    Rear Disc Conversion

    There is no brake proportioning valve with ABS equipped cars. I'm doing this drum to disc conversion on my 2009 Corolla S Turbo 5MT. I'm also installing a Ceika BBK on the front.
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    2009 Corolla S Turbo Thread Build

    The tuning option is up to you. Check on the website for Turbokits and see what tuning options are available from them. You can also have a stand alone ECU done locally to you but that is more expensive then a piggyback. I'm using the AEM F/IC piggyback and if you get it from Turbokits it comes...
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    2010 aftermarket wheel

    Keep the proper diameter for your tires. If you get bigger diameter tires it will make the car slower and negatively affect performance. The 225/45R17 tire size is perfect and will fit great on the XXR 527 that you like. It will look similar to the look you have now but if you do a mild drop it...
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    Just Bought a 2017 Toyota Corolla IM, and have anxiety over something :-(

    I love my 17 Corolla iM 6MT. I think the iM is the best looking hatchback available. The ride is great, handles beautifully and gets great MPG. I added a DC Sports CAI and ceramic header, DNA exhaust, Quantum Solenoids and Jet MAF and it made a huge difference power wise. BHP increased from a...
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    Corolla 2010 S best time to sell

    I agree with this 100%. I love a new car and I won't hesitate to buy something that I want. At the same time I'll only buy a car that I know I want to keep. I currently own 6 Toyotas ranging from 4 years old to 32 years old. They are very inexpensive to keep running and while I pay more for...
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    2009 Corolla S Turbo Thread Build

    You should, there are others that have done the same thing!
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    2009 Corolla S Turbo Thread Build

    Yes, a clutch upgrade will be a good idea too. I'm still on my OEM clutch for now at 110k miles. I'll upgrade it when it starts to go out. If you don't drag race it and let it hook up before getting on it you will be okay until you upgrade it.
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    2009 Corolla S Turbo Thread Build

    Thanks, I appreciate it! I love my Corolla turbo. I took it on a 5300 mile road trip thos year and a 3500 mile road trip last year. It's amazing to have the power in the mountains and at elevation now. So much fun!!! 1. No, the turbo kit is designed to work with stock internals. If you say at...
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    I just broke 16k miles on my 2017 Corolla iM 6MT. You don't reset your "Trip A" at every fill up? That way you can track your MPG fr each tank. I reset my "Trip B" at every oil change so it's easy to track.
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    Extra Horsepower Through Engine Tuning? Is It Possible?

    You could use an AEM FI/C as I did as a piggyback or a stand-alone ECU. I'm not sure it would be worth it though for the little extra power that a tune would provide.
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    Engine swap options for the E-170 2ZR-FE?

    I agree. The turbo kit is so amazing and easier to do. I see that you are in Florida. Too bad since there are no mountains and canyons to enjoy it even more! What's with all of the backfiring and popping? Mine never did that. What boost are you running? Why is your CEL on?
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    2009 Corolla S Turbo Thread Build

    Thanks!! You will love the kit if you get a chance to install it. The 3 bars you asked about are all Ultra Racing bars. The 2 white ones in the back are a 19mm rear sway bar and a 2-point lower rear chassis brace. The 3-point front one is a lower chassis brace that I had powder coated in TRD red...
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    If you are changing the oil every 5k miles change the filter too. If you are using a synthetic oil filter they will be good for 10k miles but I would never use a standard Toyota oil filter for 10k miles. A Toyota oil filter is $4, not worth it to not change it.
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    New CVT transmissions are $7k so change the CVT fluid every 30-50k miles.