1. P

    Help! Brake light fuse mystery problem

    Hello all, I’m having an issue with my Toyota Corolla 97 that I can’t figure out how to fix. At this point I’m needing help to figure out if this problem is solvable or not. (97, 4-door, no cruise control) Here’s what’s happened: I had my brake light fuse go bad and my gears got stuck in...
  2. Josue C

    1997 Toyota Corolla 1.6 bucks/sputters

    So this just started yesterday on my way home while I was in traffic. While I was slowing down with foot off the gas pedal my car started to like jerk or buck. It seems to happen only when foots off the gas pedal. Driving it’s no problem. I checked for any vacuum leaks but there isn’t none. I...