Help! Brake light fuse mystery problem

Hello all, I’m having an issue with my Toyota Corolla 97 that I can’t figure out how to fix. At this point I’m needing help to figure out if this problem is solvable or not. (97, 4-door, no cruise control)

Here’s what’s happened:
I had my brake light fuse go bad and my gears got stuck in park. I was able to continue to use my car by using the shift control override. I replaced the fuse and was fine for a few months. Then it happened again, and a shop looked at it. They did a bunch of testing on some of the wiring and ended up replacing all my brake light bulbs and the problem discontinued. One week later, the issue came back. My friend found a wire with a crack on its sheath by the brake lights which he covered with electrical tape. I really thought that fixed it because my car drove just fine for 2 months or so. Then the issue returned. We suspected that it might be the stop light switch and replaced that one—the problem remained. Then we took apart the console and unplugged the shift control solenoid and the fuse still blew right away. We unplugged another cable that we couldn’t figure out where it leads to right next to the shift control solenoid. Turned on the car and the fuse didn’t blow. We plugged it back in and still, fuse is going strong. That means that we still don’t know what the issue is and I’m at the end of my wisdom. Does anyone here had a similar problem and is there a solution for it? It’s been so frustrating as this problem solves itself at seemingly random times, to then return.

Any help is much appreciated!!! Thanks