1997 Toyota Corolla 1.6 bucks/sputters

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Josue C, May 11, 2018.

  1. Josue C

    Josue C New Member

    So this just started yesterday on my way home while I was in traffic. While I was slowing down with foot off the gas pedal my car started to like jerk or buck. It seems to happen only when foots off the gas pedal. Driving it’s no problem. I checked for any vacuum leaks but there isn’t none. I maintain my vehicle very well as far as oil changes tire rotations, keep coolant levels topped off. I have also just recently changed o2 sensors. Anyone have any idea what it could be?
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  3. Dr_Tee

    Dr_Tee New Member

    Does your car have an automatic transmission?
  4. OP
    Josue C

    Josue C New Member

    Yes it’s automatic
  5. Dr_Tee

    Dr_Tee New Member

    Is the car overheating? does this only happen when the car is cold, hot, or all the time? Can you put the car in park or neutral and rev/decelerate without problem?

    Sounds like the IAC is going bad. There is a slight possibility that this is transmission related. So I would start off by checking the tranny fluid first.

    The only real way to test an IAC(idle air control valve) involves using an ohmmeter and a good bit of technical knowledge. You can look up a guide on the internet and do that, or you can just buy the part and gasket for ~$40. given the age of your car the IAC would need to be changed soon anyway.

    -hope this helps bro
  6. OP
    Josue C

    Josue C New Member

    Appreciate you commentating back bro. Yeah I live in Phoenix and it seems to happen in the way home when idling with foot off the brake. We getting 100 degree weather here now. In the morning on the way to work no issues. My fluids are always good and topped off. I will look into the IAC as well.

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