1. 250K Corolla

    Parts available for a 98-02 Corolla, shipping or meetup in New Jersey!

    Hi folks, Beware, this is a long post...I had a 1998 Toyota Corolla and tried to make it to 1M miles, did get over 250K though! :-D I have parts that fit 98-00/98-02 Corollas. See photos below: 1) NEW headlights both sides, lens and housing $25 each plus shipping, 2) NEW multiple brand new...
  2. E

    14 corolla le rims

    Hi i am new here and was trying to find the answer online but wasnt quiet sure. Maybe you guys can help. I have a 14 corolla LE with the black rim (hubcap type). I would like to get actual alloy rims for them. Do i need a spacer to have it fit? I read something about it having 5x100 bolt...
  3. D

    2010 aftermarket wheel

    Hello, I have a 2010 corolla LE with stock, 195/65/15 5x100, 15x6.5 wheels I have looking into buying some aftermarket wheels, but I want to avoid needing spacers or adaptors if possible. I am a little confused on what other wheels I am able to get besides a 15x6.5, say a 16x7 or 17x7, with out...
  4. electric_bluecorolla

    Wanna dip my stock wheels

    Hey guys I'm kinda tired of my Corolla lookin like everybody elses. I wanna dip my wheels but I don't wanna spend a lot of money either. I wanna go for a glossy black also not a dull black. Anybody done this themselves what product did you buy? Thanks.
  5. Ironfly11234

    Rims/tire setups

    just wanting to know your opinion on what color rims I should run with a grey corolla with black accents. I know I want 18x8.5 rims but don't know what ones yet. Any info/suggestions are great!
  6. Raza Waqif

    Replacing the stock tires soon, what should I get?

    Greetings y'all! I am a complete noob when it comes to knowledge about tires. I'm currently running on the stock set of Firestones that the 2015 S+ comes with and am coming up on 40k miles, 5k mine and 35k the previous owners. I have begun to notice why people on this forum give the stock tires...
  7. killakoala

    what size rims can i go up to?

    what size rims and tyres can i go up to, ive got a 1993 corolla seca liftback and i want to put some fat tyres on it, any suggestions?
  8. Drigue817

    Making Custom Progress

    Just added a 2 inch drop with bronze TSWs and 3000k hids coming soon.