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Discussion in '2009 - 2013 Toyota Corolla' started by Diego, Sep 4, 2018.

  1. Diego

    Diego New Member

    Hello, I have a 2010 corolla LE with stock, 195/65/15 5x100, 15x6.5 wheels

    I have looking into buying some aftermarket wheels, but I want to avoid needing spacers or adaptors if possible. I am a little confused on what other wheels I am able to get besides a 15x6.5, say a 16x7 or 17x7, with out needing anything extra simply set up and go? I have been interested in some scion frs rims size 17 but saw they may need spacers, or the newer corolla rims 2013 and up also size 17 but wasn't sure if I can do a simple exchange. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Also what do you think would go best with my car some black or chrome rims

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  3. hatchetman

    hatchetman New Member

    It's 15x6.5, 16x7 and 17x7.5 I bought my aftermarket rims from Carid, I didn't need a spacer since they're made for the specific vehicle you ordered for. The ones I picked were $104. I stayed with 15in instead of going larger because I didn't want the additional road contact for less fuel mileage not to mention the $20 more per rim and $8 more per tire.

    Should also note that the side walls of a tire are part of your suspension so if you go with a larger tire/smaller walls you'll have a rougher ride.
  4. JohnnieXSE

    JohnnieXSE New Member

    You can upgrade your wheel to a 17x7, 17x7.5. They even come in 17x8 if you want. Make sure the bolt pattern is 100x5. Wheels specifically made for Toyota would already have a center bore of 54.1, so you will not need any adapter. Go to your Toyota dealer to see what fits, then go online to find a better price. Most after market wheels will probably have a center bore of 73.1, so you might need a hub centric ring adapter from 54.1 to 73.1. You won't need spacers as long as the offset is 30 to 35mm. But if you want to make your wheel to stick out further, choose an offset below 30mm. As for wheels you will most likely get 215/45R17 or 225/40R17 if you want it wider. As an example, this is what your new wheel might look if you chose the XXR 530 17x7 Wheel with 35mm offset (you would need a 54.1 to 73.1 hub centric ring adapter) compared to your existing setup. As a side note, bigger wheels look sporty, so you may want to lower your vehicle to reduce that wheel gap or it might look funny.

  5. SuperchargedMR2

    SuperchargedMR2 New Member

    I have 17x8 +35mm offset on mine and I think that they fit perfectly. Slap a set of 225/45R17 tires and you are set. I also have a set of FRS wheels for my winter tires but as you pointed out you need a spacer with them. Not a big deal if you buy hubcentric spacers. I have some 20mm ones I use that fit great.
    Here are my summer 17x8 +35mm offset with 225/45R17 tires.

    Here are my FRS wheels with the 20mm spacer and 205/50R17 winter tires.

    Here is the spacer mounted.

    Centering ring I bought for the FRS wheel to be hubcentric on the spacer.
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