2014 Toyota Corolla LE air conditioning, behaviors or problems?

Discussion in '2014 + Toyota Corolla' started by Sky, Jun 20, 2016.

  1. Sky

    Sky New Member

    I just bought a 2014 Toyo Corolla with 20k miles. The air conditioning blows warm air while idling and sometimes while running. I took it to the delearship under warranty, and they found the system low on freon. They did a complete AC Evac and recharge and did not find any leaks. I picked it up drove it for 45 minutes and it was cold. As soon as I parked in my lot, the air started blowing warm. I left the car back at the delearship and they kept it for 2 days and compared it to another 2014, supposdely it does the same, I would not know. They also told me that they called Toyota and were told that this would be normal behavior. I was told by the dealer that 2014 models have no clutch relay. Is anyone out there with the same model and year having this problem or has resolved this problem? Please help.
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  3. jolly

    jolly New Member

    We've heard some complaining that the AC is slow (couple of minutes) to blow cold air upon start (every car I've had did that) but nothing like what you describe. Maybe there IS a leak somewhere. AC is a tricky repair.
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  4. Seriecin

    Seriecin New Member

    I have a 2015 corolla and i have a sound like compressor trouble one week ago and today i dont have a/c.
    Last week i make an appointment about this sound on the dealer.
    Only 22,000 miles on 8 months i have a warranty i hoped so sad about it.
  5. Reader12

    Reader12 New Member

    I have a 2014 Corolla LE and the A/C compressor is not working. Dealer said I have too many miles on car (51000) even though car had been giving problems since 37000 mile which is still past warranty. Dealer wants to charge me 1800 to fix! I've been a loyal customer customer since 1985 but am ready to trade it in on a Nissan Sentra. I feel burned by Toyota. Good Luck getting any satisfaction. Toyota will never see me again.
  6. Seriecin

    Seriecin New Member

    Today I went to the agency for review of the car and the result was wear on the compressor damage thank God I enter guarantee the piece comes at the end of the week
  7. Muhammad Ali Khan

    Muhammad Ali Khan New Member

    The Clutch-less design of the AC Compressor is not very successful in Toyota. They use swash plate to control the Stroke of pistons in compressor. The swash plat is controlled by a solenoid. Once this solenoid is out of order or if the valves of the compressor is out of order, you need to replace the complete compressor. I just replaced mine few weeks ago.
  8. OP

    Sky New Member

    Thank you Muhammad. I have an appointment with service on Friday and since is under warranty I will have it replaced.
  9. Seriecin

    Seriecin New Member

    Ready my car is done thanks dealer warranty
  10. Muhammad Ali Khan

    Muhammad Ali Khan New Member

    Thats good Seriecin
  11. Donabed Kopoian

    Donabed Kopoian 6 Speed Master

    Guess I've been lucky so far. 30,000 miles of spirited driving and 30 months of ownership without issue.

    Fiancée has a 2010 with 60,000 miles, still blows cool.
  12. Floridapizzaman

    Floridapizzaman New Member

    I did not know the 11th gen comp was a clutchless design, but it makes perfect sense when mated to the cvt.
    It also explains why I never heard the clack sound when the clutch engaged...geez

    The cvt allows engine rpm to suddenly and wildly fluctuate which was prolly going to kill the longevity
    of the clutch assy....perhaps the solenoid setup is a kinder gentler setup. Or just a cheaper unit idk.

    Bonus points for those with the 6MT as their spirited driving emulates the cvt setup. Bottom line...let's hope this clutchless comp is as rock solid as the older clutch design.

    Btw, 2004 LE 145k miles, orig clutch comp, prompt ice cold air. 2003 MR2 82k miles, orig clutch comp, prompt ice cold air. Part of the reason I bought a 3rd toyo was solid ac history on the 1.8L platform. Hope I'm not prematurely disappointed.
  13. whatsherface

    whatsherface New Member

    You might have already seen this... but there is a TSB about the 2014-15 Corolla .. the ac compressor needs to be updated.
  14. klebinek

    klebinek New Member

    Where did you find the information? Do you have a link? What does it mean if there is a Technical Service Bulletin on this for instance? Will they have to fix it if outside warranty at no charge or what? I'm at 33k on my 2015 and use A/C daily. I have a rule I've been following, something my dad always did. Don't have your A/C on during a cold engine start, wait a minute and then turn it on. Not sure exactly what's the reasoning behind it but I guess less strain on the components. I also always turn off the A/C before I press the stop ignition button to turn engine/car off. Again, not sure if that helps or not but it's something that stuck with me and so far so good - haven't really had ac issues on any of my previous cars, maybe luck.

    Also, use your A/C and use it often. If you don't use it that's when compressor, hoses and other crap starts having trouble. I must say thought that I'm surprised that this might be an issue, so please provide more details.

    I went on https://www.nhtsa.gov/recalls and punched in my VIN since they show you reported issues not just recalls and other info and model 2015 has 0. I guess I'm going to worry when, if it becomes an issue.
  15. whatsherface

    whatsherface New Member

    I sent a link, I'll try here too, but it may not be allowed .. I didn't know about this till a few days ago. I'll update on the outcome I get. I'm supposed to be hearing back tomorrow about what they can do. I'm 3 months out of warranty but only have 24000 miles on my Corolla.

  16. jolly

    jolly New Member

    TSB is simply technical instructions for more frequent repairs. It could be a sign, but you'll even find them about how to do an oil change on a new configuration !
    A warranty/recall would be "the ac compressor needs to be updated". A TSB is "IF the ac compressor needs to be updated", whether under warranty or not.
  17. Chris Denton

    Chris Denton New Member

    I've been skipping this post since I do not currently have any a/c issues.
    However, this is good to know information.
    I have a 2014 LE CVT with 11,500 miles and so far so good.
    At temps above 80-85 I usually leave it in the on position. At startup, be it cold or warm start, it starts pumping cold air within a minute or two.
    Anyways, just my two cents.
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  18. KY Driver

    KY Driver New Member

    If you own a 2014-2015 Toyota Corolla and are still within your warranty you need to ask about the TSB! I am 4 months past my 3 year warranty (my Corolla only has 35,240 miles, though...). The past couple of weeks, I've noticed that my A/C blows warm air intermittently when idle. I took my Corolla to the dealership on July 14, 2017 and they performed an Evac and recharge (and charged me $150 to do so) to check for a leak. This did not fix my A/C problem because there is no leak. I went back to the dealership today, July 20th, and they told me that I need a new air compressor, clutch, and dryer. This is going to cost me $2,638.52. I'm blown away that I'm having to pay so much to replace a FAULTY A/C compressor. Toyota put out the TSB in August 11, 2014, so they've known that there was an issue with the compressor.
  19. Robdynamite

    Robdynamite New Member

    I have 2014 LE Eco. at 11 months from purchase the car would not engage in gear. Now at 29,000 miles compressor failed just over 36 months of purchase. I usually never buy the extended warranty thankfully I did it was worth $1,000.00 for additional at the time of purchase. It is covered but Toyota quotes $2,600.00 for replacement SMH. I had a 1989 Corolla lasted for 17 years with 200,000 plus miles air still blew cold to the day I got rid of it. After this warranty I am going back to HONDA.
  20. klebinek

    klebinek New Member

    Never buy a first year release car, wait a year or two so they work out all the bugs. I see this over and over again. I was tempted to go for a 14 but got a 15 and looks like all the early cars had the AC compressor issue, mine was build way later and should be good. Also, I've seen many entune failures mostly on the 14 model year. Glad I've waited.

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