2020 Corolla with P195/65R15 tires, what size is the spare?

Anyone with a 2020 Corolla and have P195/65R15 tires, what is the size of your spare tire?

Story: I hit a triangular piece of metal the size of a dime and used the liquid repair kit that was included with my hybrid version. The stuff just ran right out of the tire as it was being pumped. In the middle of typing this up. I looked up and watched a video and how to use the thing (the instructions that came with it was a bunch of a pictures). Apparently you have to the puncture at the top (I don't recall this in the picture) then pump the stuff in then drive for it spread the stuff out to seal the leak. Which in my case wouldn't have worked because as I pumped the tire just leaked and didn't inflate.

Anyway.... what is the donut/spare size on your corolla what had P195/65R15 OEM tires?

Thanks for your help!

P.S. Part two of the story. Using Toyota's roadside, it was towed to Costco. When my sister in-law go there, I remembered purchasing and gifting everyone a tire repair kit (rubber plug / rubber cement). I asked to use her kit and patched up the tire and it was drive-able. I didn't have one in the Corolla as it was a fairly new purchase.