Auxiliary Port or USB Port for best Audio?

Discussion in '2014 + Toyota Corolla' started by JoshTRD, Aug 8, 2018.

  1. JoshTRD

    JoshTRD New Member

    i have a full sound system in my car and i know to get the best quality out of your music you need high quality files which i have and it needs to be played through a good source....i obviously know bluetooth is out of the question when it comes to sound transfer quality....but my question is, i feel that the USB port sounds better than when i play through my auxiliary my 2014 corolla....can anybody else add to that?
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  3. Halfkoreanboy972

    Halfkoreanboy972 New Member

    Ive tried everything,cds,aux,usb and the best sound quality in my opinion is with bluetooth with Pandora so far for me at least for Bass quality lol but the advertisments on Pandora have gone from bad to worse lately, im trying to slam the Bass hard at the stop light but its advertisment everytime lol

    Oh and i use my google pixel or samsung s9 plus phone. Ive tried my old Sony xperia z1 and sounds distorted a little
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  4. jolly

    jolly New Member

    To my ears and with original equipment of the car, USB. Plus easy menu to navigate from the screen. Bluetooth, so so...
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  5. ZeCorolla

    ZeCorolla I Love Corolla's!

    In my 10th gen, I find that USB is the best quality in terms of sound. Supposedly though, AUX is supposed to be better but I haven't used mine in a long time since my iPhone 8 doesn't have an AUX port. I haven't tried CD though.
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  6. devinzz1

    devinzz1 New Member

    running a full infinity kappa setup off amp power Bluetooth seems to be best for me
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  7. Chris Denton

    Chris Denton New Member

    I have a Kenwood head unit that utilizes the aux and USB ports. It all depends on what I’m playing. Some sounds great on one and not the other.
    But I mostly use the USB port.
    I also have an iPhone X and can never seem to find that damn dongle!
    I added a wireless charger to the center console cubby hole, so if I’m charging, I will use Bluetooth.
    Bluetooth can be hit or miss depending on the media.

    With the factory head unit, the aux port worked best. I used an iPod classic then. That was when iPods had that badass sound processor in it. New iPods are meh.
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  8. Jrobb

    Jrobb New Member

    Seems like everyone already said it but bluetooth is definatly the way to go. Ive had custom systems in ever car Ive owned and then when I upgraded to my 2017 corolla that had factory bluetooth and its the best thing Ive ever heard.
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  9. OP

    JoshTRD New Member

    thanks fam i will see maybe if i tune my amps a little more...thanks!
  10. Kerophizer

    Kerophizer New Member

    Generally USB uncompressed digital > Aux analog > Bluetooth compressed digital
  11. JohnnieXSE

    JohnnieXSE New Member

    I don't really notice any sound difference, but I find USB easier to navigate. And if you have an image embedded in your music it will display that image with newer head units.
  12. hatchetman

    hatchetman New Member

    Playing from a USB stick sounds way better to me since it's the direct file to unit. Using the AUX port the file is being played by a separate device, gets an equalizer applied, amplified, ran through a stereo cable(AUX), unit receives it, applies a equalizer, amplifies it, then sends signal to speakers. USB gets unchanged from source, AUX gets ran through 2 equalizers and amplified twice.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2018 at 12:04 AM

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