Dashboard Mat Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Aftermarket Products, Reviews & Installations' started by BravoRed, Aug 7, 2018.

  1. BravoRed

    BravoRed New Member

    Morning Fellow Rolla Owners,

    I am thinking about getting a Dashboard mat for my 2018 rolla. Yes, I did say dashboard mat, lol!

    Was browsing Amazon and Ebay but im getting a sense that most of those do not fit well even though they are listed as compatible. Anyone have any experience with buying dashboard mats off of Amazon and/or Ebay? which sellers sell mats that fit well?


    Thanks in advance.

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  3. OP

    BravoRed New Member


  4. Rock'n Roller

    Rock'n Roller New Member

    Those cheap mats on ebay & Amazon look inferior, quality wise. I have a Dash Designs mat for my 2015. Fit was perfect. Worth the extra $15. These are a must here in Arizona.

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  5. OP

    BravoRed New Member

    Yea, i noticed others have mentioned this site (for other products) will be checking it out now. Thanks for the recommendation.
  6. OP

    BravoRed New Member

    So I ended up cheaping out ... i think i paid like less than 10 bucks on ebay for a dash mat...was just hoping that the cut out would at least match the vent size and positioning (read many reviews of this being an issue when buying off of ebay). I think i lucked out...what do you guys think:
    Dash Mat.jpeg


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