Dipstick drawn out while Engine running


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Hi there,
I have a 27,000 kms driven 2017 Corolla with 1800 cc 2ZR-FE engine and CVT transmission. On Saturday I got an oil change and on Sunday, I wanted to check the oil level through dipstick. The car was cold and what I did was started the engine (facepalm, my bad) and after waiting for 20-30 seconds, I removed the dipstick to check oil level, and after checking the level I put it back and then turned the engine off.

Now I have come to know that the dipstick shouldn't be removed with engine running because it disturbs the vacuum and oil pressure.

I am worried that I might have destroyed/harmed my engine in the long run. Is there any way to verify that there is air present in the oil of engine? Or how can we minimise the effect of this air?

Thank you.


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It's not a problem - beside not getting any accurate reading on the dipstick this way ! It's not like you were riding that way for miles after miles.