Extra Horsepower Through Engine Tuning? Is It Possible?

Discussion in '2009 - 2013 Toyota Corolla' started by Connor, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. Connor

    Connor New Member

    I've got a 2011 LE with the standard 132hp 1.8L engine. I was wondering, is it possible, theoretically speaking, to gain extra horsepower by having a shop put it onto a Dyno, and tune it for more power?

    I am aware that fuel mileage would drop, most likely. I have a few concerns though.

    One: If it's possible, how much power could I tune it for without endangering the engine?

    Two: If I did do it, is there anything I should do to prepare the engine for the tune? I have a cold air intake, and a Borla axle back exhaust.

    Three: If anyone reading this has done it, to an CE, LE, or S, how much power does your engine make now? I know the S has the same engine as the LE, with the same horsepower. Only the XRS makes more power.

    I don't really want to equip a turbo, mainly because it would be more expensive. I'm not looking to make it a race car, just have a bit more power. My car can be a bit... slow, at times, and it gets onto my nerves.
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  3. SuperchargedMR2

    SuperchargedMR2 New Member

    It can be done but it's not as easy with Toyota ECU's. Orange Virus tuning has had some luck unlocking some Toyota ECU's and tuning them. I have a 2009 Corolla S with a Delphi ECU that hasn't been unlocked yet so I used an AEM FIC that was tuned for my turbo install. These could also be used for tuning with headers, exhaust and intake. People on the Scion xB forums use them all the time for NA tuning to get the most from their mods.
  4. OP

    Connor New Member

    I see. If I'm not mistaken, a 2009 has a 1.8 132no like mine, right? Can I ask what turbo kit you used, what psi your running the turbo at, what you did to prepare the engine for the turbo, and what horsepower your at now?
  5. SuperchargedMR2

    SuperchargedMR2 New Member

    Sure, I have a build thread that you can look at too. I bought the turbo kit for the 10th Gen Corolla with the 2ZR-FE 1.8L from Turbokits.com. They build an amazing kit for our car. My tuner I used was amazed at how great it was in quality, fit and finish. I didn't do anything to the engine other then what the turbo kit comes with. I'm running 8.6 PSI max and am around 225HP at the wheels and 195HP at the crank. The tuner said I could easily get 50-75HP more if I wanted but I'm very happy with what I have now.
  6. OP

    Connor New Member

    I see. Thanks for the information!

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