Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Daniel Devore, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. Daniel Devore

    Daniel Devore New Member

    I have a Toyota Corolla 2013 LE, I like to turn on my Headlights when is raining lightly, The bad part is that I always forget to turn them off, This results in a dead battery. Very annoying , is there a way to have them turn off automatically after a minute or so....
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  3. Rinconrolla

    Rinconrolla New Member

    I'm surprise you don't have day time running lights , Usually all Corollas I owned you leave your headlight switch on and when the sensor picks up darkness it turns all the lights on automatically . Does your car have a dingy noise when you leave your lights on ? I think they sell a aftermarket kit for the lights
  4. echarleswhyte

    echarleswhyte New Member

    I think the auto headlights were only a Canadian thing for the 2009-2013 models. I have them on my 2013 S, and also have push button start. I may be wrong but all the research I have done suggests those two options (auto headlights, push button start) were not available in the US. As far as having something done to turn them off, I am sure with enough money it can be done.
  5. Rinconrolla

    Rinconrolla New Member

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  6. shawn86

    shawn86 New Member

    My 08 CE has automatic head lights and I’m in the US.
  7. echarleswhyte

    echarleswhyte New Member

    I did mention the 09-13. I may be wrong on the auto headlights but I am 99.13568479% on the push to start.
  8. nubenegrard

    nubenegrard New Member

    Thanks man! this is as close as what i need as i ever been!!! i have the 2013 Corolla S Moonroof package version and it does not come with it, my old 2007 s did. i visited the link and the dscription is exactly what i was looking for but there is an ebay alert that says it is not compatible for my car... :( has anyone found a way to installed the actual system not the replacement? Thanks in advance.
  9. corollacaner

    corollacaner New Member

    The xenon headlights are really good. If I have financial situation, I will definitely have my car installed.
    A bit costly but definitely handy compared to regular ordinary headlights.
    I suggest you review.
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