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I was being completely careless while driving in snow today, and my car slid while I was making a right turn and the left side hit/went over the island...

Any experienced experts out there that can help determine how severe the damage is? Any comments/help would be appreciated before I get a quote from the auto body shop.

Hi Donabed Kopoian,

The car is a bit dirty due to the snow. After taking more pictures, I realized that the license plate got bented. Hope these pictures can provide you a better look at this. I only sent the first picture to the auto shop, and they said that it would take at least $700 to fix it if it doesn't damage other critical parts (e.g. engine). Just wanted to get some opinions about this.
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there is enough space behind the bumper that it might not have damaged anything else. the bumper would likely be replaced instead of fixed that is why $700. ultimately taking it apart will reveal any other damage or not.


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Do you mind the way it looks right now? A simple and easy fix that works best will be the expertise you have with JB welding, and how you go about it.

Slab it on, it will look like crap!

go from the inside, and s place it on, only you will know it is there, then finding a filler, to use and the same color paint, not rubber paint or plastic paint.

That 700.00 be more like
$150.00 , while parts to do will cost $20.00.

Look closely you got more damage than bumper a brace inside as well.

My bumper also received damage on the corner skirt. I pushed it back out, and when spring comes it be fixed w/o paying for a new skirt.
You could get it to work if you drilled into the bumper and had it coated across both sides, but meh ... huge hassle and it will be a lot of sanding before it isn't noticeable.


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Then I guess its up in the air then. Hate to say selicon it because the next thing you tell me it would not work either Lol.

Jb weld under, then white silicone on top, wipe off with a moist towel to fill in the gap, and years later.

good luck!

Jb weld under will not flex, and is a plastic epoxy, will not pop off plastic. Selicone on top will fill in the line or even supply support.

Funny thing is I placed a bumper guard over a split bumper and yeah it is still on her since Fall, through the bad winter. so yeah I have no clue what I am talking about
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So does the item I have it on bigger time. have you used it? not my loss if it is a excellent product. If you had bad results, then you did not do it right.

Simply clean the area, scuff it up with some sand paper, clean it again, and how you place the jb welding on. not between the seams. allow to dry 24 hours, and then silicone in the seam on top white silicone

If you place between the seems then t will not work, for added support some piece of plastic overlapping seem.

good luck!
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I've used JB Weld plenty of times. Personally I prefer QuikSteel, easier to mix, mold, and you can sand it almost right away.

I avoid it on body parts that flex. I have used it to fix a broken throttle pedal pin and to fix a side-view mirror that was broken by a pole.
Nothing bad will come of it, it just looks like hell.

I had a crack in my grill from hitting an owl in my Matrix (the black honeycomb part), but when I bent it back in place it was hard to tell it was there, so I left it alone.
Thanks for the inputs. I'd probably just get the auto shop to fix it just to given my limited knowledge and experience in cars. I got a call from the auto body shop and was notified that the head light was broken (though I couldn't tell from the outside). The estimate went up to min. $2,000. I am not sure if this is a scam or reasonable.
Yeah ... I dunno about the headlight. I see nothing that suggested the headlight or headlight bucket assembly took a beating. Go down there and ask them to show you what is broken and what they are replacing to make sure they aren't ripping you off.


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If you got a damage headlight you know it. moisture inside, and if you can soak it some, to see if water gets in, but the moisture will not be noticed right away.

You got one body shop, you go get another one. good luck. and get a third one as well. do not rely on one
from experience just do a quick fix me up until the season is over. just look under and see if the frame got affected, but from your pics it seems ok