Knocking/Clicking Engine

Hello All,

I am new to the forum and looking forward to getting to know everyone and getting as much help as I can in the future!

I just purchased a used 2009 Corolla LE 1.8L with 75kmi. I knew it has some issues, windows not rolling down, some interior issues etc. When I test drove and popped the hood everything seemed to look ok. After about a week of driving the engine has developed a sort of ticking or clicking/knocking sound when idling, and the clicking/knocking speeds up with acceleration.

So of course I googled around and found known issues: water pump, AC condenser bearing, starter etc that may cause a ticking knocking. So I pulled the belt to try to isolate the noise and started the engine up. Same clicking/knocking with no accessories. I recorded a short video of the noise and thought i'd share.

I've been searching around and I guess there seems to be some reports of valve lashing needing to be adjusted? Anyone familiar with this? Let me know any suggestions you may have!!

Thanks in advance boys!

ahh… didn't think about oil weight. Yeah I knew about the water pump… this was a cold start just to hear if the sound went away, I would never run it for any longer than that video without any accessories.