Knocking sound/Transmission fluid

Hello guys. Recently changed the cv shaft assembly and wasnt expecting that the driver side shaft would give us a hard time pulling him out so the trans oil got affected but not too much didnt put any new oil or changed the whole filter and oil like itlle be fresh again just added some oil that which we believe the exact amount of oil that was lost from leaking after that knocking sound just came out under the hood from accelerating stopping de accelerating and sometimes when in reverse. Just in mind tie rods are new control arm ball joints and front tires and did alignment and balance (did inspect the drivetrain section and some other suspension parts) but for some reason its still a mystery whats causing the knocking sound and the poor acceleration of my car. Its been about 2 weeks since this happened and rn cant really figure whose the blame please help me i cant think anymore about my car. Thank u so much


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If it's the CVT, those are kind of touchy when it comes to fluid. Was it topped with the exact same type and correct quantity of fluid and the level checked according to temperature. There is a procedure to do that. (Section 5-6 might be of interest, among others).


Didn’t really do the right procedure but for sure will do this as soon as possible to prevent future damage to the car. But dashboard is not showing check engine light or whatever. Do you think i can just add little more fluid to it or just do a flush and install new filter and new tranny?


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A flush is never recommended. Generally, you simply use the drain plug to get our whatever fluid gets out (it's never all of it) then refill. So it means that's it's OK to top it, as it's what happen anyway. Again, I'll insist on using the exact same fluid as what is already in the trans.
Alright got you. Thanks you for the info. One more thing if u don’t mind, scratches on front tires especially on the passenger side, could this be a sign of a bent/damaged wheel/rim or it’s the suspension? Alignment can’t fix the problem so I’m kinda shooting those 2 for the problem? Thank you again and I apologize for the inconvenience


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scratches on front tires especially on the passenger side
Unless the marks on the tire are also visible on the wheel, probably not. Or unless the marks are signs of a severe shock that might have affect the wheel attachment but that would have been noticed during alignment procedure. Another tire related possibility would be if the marks appear to be the result of a poor quality/manufacturing tires, not some shock.