Radio Cut Off After 15 Minutes

anybody knows how to remove or modify the automatic power off for the radio ?
to save the battery , the radio power off after 15 min , not useful when you are at the drive in watching movies !!!
i have a 2014 Corolla S technology .
thanks in advance .
You still have drive-ins near you?

You actually WATCH the movies at the drive-in?


I'm not sure what makes that circuit work - running a different power wire to the radio might work, but if the circuit is internal to the radio, it might not.

Will it still shut off after 15 minutes if you leave the key in the ignition in ACC mode? (Ermmn - okay - no key, but if you press the button to the ACC position).
Tiger, there is a relay that controls that power. It shuts the entire car down after 15 minutes. I usually just move it from ACC to ON when it is about to cut out. (The 15 minute cutout is when the car already is in ACC).

If you run a different power wire to the stereo (that is fused) from the battery, that will work, BUT the stereo will stay on at all times unless you install a kill switch somewhere, like in the center console.
It sure was simpler with my 1974 Oldsmobile Omega (wannabe Nova) ...

If you could change the relay for one with a different time delay, that would work also (with the understanding that if you leave the lights on, you will probably kill the battery).

Best option is probably going to be leaving the car in ON then and making sure the lights and the HVAC blower fan is off so you don't kill the battery while the radio is playing.

At least you don't have to worry about burning up the points in the distributor doing that any more ...

(More than half the forum will have no idea what I am talking about ...)