Rolla X

Hey there my names Steph and I'm new to this forum. Just dropped my 2010 corolla S on some bc coils put some hids and yellow oem fogs in. It's coming along nicely I would say... Well anyway here's pics.

I went 17 instead of 16 and 45 instead of 55. Its about the same size. I feel like my car is sitting a little but higher so the might be a tiny bit bigger all together but extremely close.
Ok so my newest uograde.. Carbon creations carbon fiber hood..

Unfortunately though I'm having fitment problems....

One side is flush the other not even close. I've contacted the company so I'm hoping they can do something to fix it.
I emailed both the manufacturer and distributor. Manufacturer said I had to get in touch with distributor so now I'm playing the waiting game. I'm sure they will replace it. The look is great wish it fit right I wasn't anticipating this hassle.