The Bolt That Would Not Die

Hey guys,

I need to replace one of my control arms (the rear non-adjustable one which is closer to the hood than the other), which would normally be simple except for the fact that I cannot get this bolt out. It is crazy just how badly it is stuck in there. I've tried:

- Putting a wrench on it and then jacking up the wrench (I think this is what finally rounded it off)
- Pretty much a whole can of PB Blaster
- Hammering the other end of the bolt hundreds of times
- Putting a bad control arm on the rear position, then putting a jack between the control arms
- A torch along the length of the part for 60 seconds

Pretty much the only thing I haven't tried is an extraction socket, which is the next step (need to buy a 19mm one). Then I figure I will jack up a breaker bar. If that doesn't work, I am 100% stumped.

I created this account because I figured one of you guys must have dealt with this before. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can get this thing out of there?