Toyota Corolla - RPM revs up to 4000

I bought 2018 toyota corolla in July 2018. The car rpm revs up to 4000 whenever there is downhill. It happens whenever i am using traditional cruise control or dynamic radar cruise control. I took it to dealership and they are denying the car has any issues. They say this is how CVT engines work.
What should i do?. Please give me any suggestions. I am also victim of yo-yo financing.

CVTs have a lot more engine braking than conventional AT to begin with. Now, since you mention cruise control the issue would be more with that than the CVT as some report it. It's apparently the way it was engineered (not that it's a good thing !).


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From my understanding, it is normal for CVT's to rev during engine braking going downhill. Also, what is the behavior without cruise control? Plus in my experience the dynamic radar cruise does some weird things to maintain speeds.
Is Speed variation of +/- 6 mph is considerable on downhills. Some times I had to either accelerate or decelerate to avoid getting closer to vehicles on highways.