TRD rear sway bar

Did you install the rear sway bar yet? If so was it really difficult to loosen the bolts. Directions say not to loosen the bolt end but the nut end first. Looks way harder to get at the nut end. I got mine this weekend, but not sure if I want to try it myself or bring it to a shop! Any feedback would be appreciated.
I did install already, i held the nuts with a wrench and used my impact gun to loosen. Instructions say when installing to put the bolt thru the top and nut on bottom and tighten the nut i didnt see anything on not loosen the bolt end but could be possible i did not see it. But all in all it was super easy, just make sure you torque it correctly to 184ft-lb.
Ok, Cool. Thank you so much for the feedback, I will attempt it my self. I do have the torque wrench but don't have a impact gun, so may be a bit harder to loosen by hand, but I'll give it a go. Thank you again for the feedback!
Well, I tried but failed. I didn't have a pipe for leverage, so I guess I'll try that next, that sucker is on there tight! The whole car was moving, thought it was going to fall off the jack.


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That needs to be tightened down to somewhere around 184 ft/lbs. too or else it will loosen up and clunk around just FYI
I have had my rear sway bar for a while. No regrets whatsoever.

Also, never EVER loosen bolts with a torque wrench or use extension bars on them. At best, you'll throw it out of calibration doing that.

Either use an extension bar with a 3/4" ratchet or use two combo wrenches coupled together.