USB music goes to individual folders

I'm using a SanDisk 16GB USB to play music in my 2018 Corolla. To get the MP3's on the drive i just drag and drop individual files. However, when i go to play anything, I can't easily scroll through the songs. It says the songs are in folder (one of one) and will only play that song. I have to physically select the next song with the touch screen. Anybody???


New Member
Keep your albums separated. Make sure they are in folders for each album. If you want to shuffle, hit songs, go to A, and on the top, select random. This will go through all songs on all folders. My 2011 was able to play any song with multiple folders or just one. But my 2017 does not like a large single folder. So each album has it's own.
I assume you have managed to solve this problem already. This is not a typical issue and it depends most of the time on the type of USB and the car player. This is why I usually connect it to my Spotify or to youtube. Youtube allows you to put your favorite songs in a certain order, which means you don't need to scroll a lot through it. Another great feature that youtube has is the fact that you can download any video you like using, save it on your device, and then watch it anytime you want.
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