Who Knows An '02 Corolla S Like the Back of Their Hand?

Just picked up a Corolla with 144k miles. Car is in great condition, well for a 12 yr old car. Having a few issues.
Drivers side rear window goes 1/2 way down and then stops. Then doesn't go back up a little after I let it sit.
Then my dash lights are dim at night. Would like them to be a little brighter. Are there colored caps over the bulbs? Could I just remove them to have a brighter light?
My left hand blinker is iffy. If I push down on the lever hard or normal the relay blinks fast but no lights. If I push the lever easy it works perfectly.
Thanks for your thoughts.
For the rear window, do you have aftermarket speakers in the doors? If you do, it is possible that the installation is interfering with the window mechanisms (screws too long, etc.). If the speakers are stock, then you'll have to take the door panel off and have a peak in there. If it goes halfway down and stops and refuses to go back up, the track may have a hard spot in it that strains the motor.

As far as the dash lights go, I am not sure. Usually, there are no colored caps over the instrument cluster bulbs, as the color is engraved into the display panel itself. The bulbs most likely need to be replaced. As those bulbs age, the inside of the glass gets coated with tungsten deposits, making them gradually get dimmer as they age, and at 12 years old, chances are you can't even see the filament anymore the bulb will be so clouded up.

It sounds like the blinker assembly needs to be replaced. Probably can find one from a junkyard. The previous owner of the car probably slammed the stick down and wore a dead-spot in it, so there is a gap between activation on the flasher and instrument cluster, and activation of the lights. Rockauto.com has them for your car ($106.89, assuming you have foglights since you have an S). The link is here:


And here is the left rear window regulator assembly + motor ($47.79), just in case you see that the current one is bent or something:

I found a video, and yes, there are colored caps over the bulbs ... but I'm still thinking that the age is the factor for the fact that they are dim.

Another option would be to get LED replacements instead
Don i really appriciate the help. Yea i took the gauge cluster out and the 3 bulbs have red rubber (condom like) caps on the bulbs. Even though the instrument cluster is red i wonder why they put red caps on the bulbs. Non the less i will see tonight if its any brighter. I might just go a head and buy new bulbs, since its so simple to change.

As for the rear window, yea they are stock speakers. I will pull the door panel off and go from there. I was thinking i might just have to buy a new motor. Also make sure the tracks are clean and lubed. I might just buy a new one as i dont want to do it again. I think the auto parts has them new for 110.00. Buying a used 12 yr old part for 1/2 the money is a 50/50 shot it will last.

Then there is the blinker assembly. I found a you tube video on exaclty how to pull the switch out with just removing 3 screws to remove the outer plastic of the column and then 2 screws on the switch and that pulled right out. The video also showed how to fix this issue. Took 15 min and the blinker works perfectly.
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I will tell you. The way it was with the red cluster panel and the old red capped bulbs it was very dim and very hard to see at night. I will see if the white light is to bright. If its wrong then i will buy new bulbs and put the red caps back on. Maybe like Don mentioned the bulbs are just old and the glass is probably clouded over.
My '82 GT had two bulbs go out that lit up the right half of my speedometer, the oil pressure gauge, and the fuel level gauge. Initially I just replaced those two bulbs, and it was clear how much brighter the two new bulbs were at night. Ended up replacing all of the bulbs, and even the old ones that were working had tungsten deposits on the lens.

As far as the red caps go, if the overlay was already red, then most likely the red caps were used because the cluster would be much brighter than the rest of the lights in the car (usually they try to match the intensity among all instruments and switches as closely as possible).