Won't Shift Into Gear

I am having trouble getting my '03 Corolla to engage when I shift gears. Yesterday I backed it down my driveway a bit. Put it in park and put on the emergency brake. Today, I go to drive, start the car just fine, take off the emergency brake and try to put it into reverse and the gear won't shift. The gear shifter itself will move, and it moves very easily with no resistance, but the engine won't engage with whatever gear I'm attempting to put it in. I have checked all fluids, everything is topped off and new. I have tried putting it into gear and THEN taking the emergency brake off. Nothing works. Any suggestion of what I can do to resolve this myself? Has anyone else ever had this issue that they can direct me to the problem and what needs to happen for it to be fixed? Thanks for the help...
You'll need to take it to a transmission shop if you aren't familiar with automatics. It sounds like the transmission fluid pump is starting to fail, but it could be other things as well.


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on me old car I had this cover. and it was called the shifter cable, that I lubed, Since you said it shifts smoothly into gear but not going into a gear, sounds like it can be the shifter cable is off. Like Don said I not mess around with it, unless you know what you are looking for.


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No this was an ole car. all I did was Lube it, like said. Not sure if this newer car follows the same thing.

Will need to look under in day light to see if there is a similar thing on the car, it be located near the transmission, the cover?
Thank you

Thank you for your responses. I'm having the car towed in. The technician at the dealership said that it sounds like the shift linkage has either broken or become disconnected somehow (as you have all said). Thank you again.