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    Anyone Near the Bay Area, CA and Handy?

    Mechanic said I needed to replace my waterpump and front brake and rotors. Quoted me $460 for the waterpump which I find :eek:. Was wondering if there were any handy forum members near me that could give me a better price. I'd buy the parts and then give me your price for labor. Can do one or...
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    VIDEO - Oil Filters - How Important?

    WIX, MANN or AMSOIL oil filter? Which do you recommend? Looking to purchase some 0w20 Amsoil Signature Synthetic and hoping to do oil changes only once a year.
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    2006 Corolla LE hubcap

    Purchased a set at Walmart for $21.37. The same one goes for $30 on Amazon. If you do a search should find it easily.
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    DIY Writeups?

    New to the site. Have really been learning a lot the past day browsing and reading threads. Couldn't seem to find many write ups for maintenance. Wanting to do all the oil changes, fluid flushes, brake pad etc myself and thought it would be great if there were stickies posted in this section...
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    Rear Brakes Wearing Out Faster Than Fronts?

    I saw on the service records of my Corolla that the front brake pads were 8mm thick, but the rear were 4mm. Purchased the car used. Looking over the records I didn't see any new brake pad purchases. The car has only 13,xxx miles on it. Is it possible that the prior owner replaced the fronts...
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    How Many Miles Do You Have?

    Bought my wife a used 2005 Corolla with 13,xxx miles. It really was driven by an old lady once a week for 8 years. She had all the maintenance work to prove she took care of it. Got it for a great price as well. Hoping to get this car to 300,000 miles :)