1. N

    Tire pressure sensor

    Hey guys so I have a 2015 corolla and i stupidly hit a concrete median with my tire which popped the hubcap off and gave it a pretty good leak. The whole drive home (Like 3 minutes) it was losing air but the tire pressure sensor never when off so I didn't know it was leaking till i got home. I...
  2. D

    Car Rev/Disconnected Piece?

    Hi, recently purchased a 2004 toyota corolla with 150,000 miles. I looked in the hood and noticed recently there was a piece disconnected and I am unsure of what it is? Also, my car has been reving itself sometimes (not all the time) i usually notice it after it’s been sitting for a while. It...
  3. Pusker

    Slip indicator and failed inspection

    Hi Everyone, New to the form and is trying to resolve 2 different issues with my corolla (2014). Any suggestions and ideas will be highly appreciated. Recently I had an accident, and driver side fender was hit badly. I had to replace the wheel stud and the big spring like part (don’t know the...
  4. DJ G-Roc

    Mass Air Flow Sensor

    If anyone's looking to get this upgrade, I just got the JET Powr-Flo Mass Air Sensor model #69160 for a mere $119.24 from! They have it at 25% off right now. I even sprang for the overnight delivery, which was only another $7.95 for me. :D
  5. S

    93 DX fuel consumption

    93 Corolla DX, with 242K miles on it. Original owner. I have a strange fuel consumption issue with this vehicle, and wanted to ask before starting to change anything out on it. Average commute is < 20 miles round trip each day. Used for mostly around town driving - no long trips, and in...
  6. Raza Waqif

    Any way to show "Current Speed" in the center screen of the Tachometer?

    So, before I purchased my 2015 Corolla S, I was driving around a 2015 Camry as a rental. One thing that was useful was the fact that you could have the digital screen (the one that sits between the two tachometers) display the current speed of the car. Does anyone here know if its possible to...
  7. Adam_Bomb

    1996 Corolla Camshaft Position Sensor

    I have a 1996 Toyota Corolla that produced a check engine light this morning. OBD reader told me its a Camshaft Position Sensor. I am new to this field of automotive work and am unaware of what needs to be done. Is this sensor removable? Or is it my actual camshaft that needs work/replacing?