2000 Corolla - Engine Swap

You'll need to change the PCM and wiring since they are different motors, and it is possible that the mounts won't line up since these are different generation engines and Corollas.
Thanks for your input. Not sure I want to tackle the engine exchange. I have a great little corolla, but it's starting to use a lot of oil.
That is a typical problem for 1998-2002 Corolla's due to a defective piston design combined with the use of petroleum oils, which perform comparatively poorly in hot engine temperatures. The problem is going to get worse and you'll be adding a quart of oil every few hundred miles, fouling spark plugs/have the engine hesitate/misfire, lose power and have the check engine light come on. Catalytic convertor damage will also result.

How many miles per quart of oil is the engine currently consuming? How many miles does the engine have? At what mileage did this problem start?

If you act quickly and the piston rings are not terribly sludged up, you may be able to reverse this problem. I'll do everything I can to help you out.
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The car has 185,000 I think. It has been using oil for some time, But is now using a quart every 500 miles. Great car, great shape, decent fuel mileage. It just uses the heck out of oil. I have owned nothing but Toyotas my whole life, and I'm 50ish. Never had a oil burn issue. I usually try to run them close to 300,000 mile, or till they rust down. Thanks for any help.
Think I'll keep adding oil. Don't want to tackle the engine rebuild. I've gotten my moneys worth anyway. This car makes 6 or 7 Toyotas I've owned and the first one to have an oil problem. And I'll keep buying Toyotas.