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    2010 Oil Filter Leak

    First of all, examine for an extra gasket stuck to the block. You should not have to go extremely below the knob on an oil filter. A one fourth convert once it hits and you should be excellent.
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    Turn the Headlights OFF

    I am totally agree with you. You are 100% good here that just you turn the car off, pull up the emergency brake handle exactly one notch and then start the car. I think will be helpful in this regard.
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    Electrical Issues

    Currently I am also facing the same problem with my e140. No doubt, It is dead easy and pretty difficult to go wrong. I read out interesting and informative ideas. Sure this will be helpful for me in this regard. thanks everyone...
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    Paint Scratches

    Just used a small amount of rubbing compound on a cloth and properly rub defective area. Be careful as the compound is abrasive. After removed the paint scratch, use the improve to carry up the shine.
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    Show It Off!

    The organized and awesome style of the car allows it take a position out among other idea cars. Looking simple but nice car! Especially its color, amazing.
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    How Often Do You Change Your Oil?

    It is totally depends on how much you drive your car. If you are an extremely low-mileage car driver you should change oil at least once a year. However, according to recent research, changing the oil in your car every 3,000 miles. I also change my e140 oil at every 3,000 miles.
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    Interesting Corolla Information (For Fun)

    I agreed what is said above!!! Any museum would envy such a huge diversity. Certain 2 facts on this page are unequivocally the best we have all had. No doubt the edgier styling, standard LED lights and improved fuel efficiency are highlights of this new model. Now I am going to glance up this...
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    Other Vehicles You've Owned

    My list included: 1. Pontiac Bonneville (In blue color, Model 1977). 2. Ferrari Maranello 550(In red color,Model 2000). 3. Corolla aka (In white color,Model 1996).
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    Toyota Dealership to Get Parts

    Automotive accessories protect your investment to extend its serviceable life, add a look of higher class, and increase its overall trade in value. Currently I am repair my e140 engine. I am also looking forward some OEM parts. Any specific dealer you know, please tell me...???You people quick...
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    New to corollaforum!

    Hello, I am Adriel. I am newbie here. I am 25 years old and loving the car. I am always been freak about the corolla's models. The design of your car exposing your status. I have e140(In white color): It is a car lover paradise. Sure this forum will be helpful for me to taking nice ideas...